Take tonight, for instance. I was excited* to finally try out this fish recipe I’d copied out of a book about these 2 people who left their workaday lives and went to some island and opened a restaurant.

Since I’ve had this recipe for a few years now, am sick of my usuals, and just got back from seafood world (Mexico) I thought this’d be the perfect thing to try.

You basically put a light layer of stone-ground mustard and shredded potatoes on fish (they used snapper but since it’s over-fished I used white fish), you saute it and put this yummy-sounding sauce on it.

The sauce is what really got me because it uses soy sauce, garlic, ginger and honey, usually a great combo. on fish.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize (until it was too late) was that bottled ginger can go bad. I knew something smelled weird when I was making the sauce but I couldn’t pin it down until I tracked it back to the expired ginger.

You’d be surprised how nasty something smells (yet how it’s not really obviously bad-smelling) when it is 6 months expired.

What really kills me though, is that it’s already been more than 6 months since I bought the ginger—cliché alert—it seems like just yesterday that I was standing in Dierberg’s, excited because the dipstick who’d told me they discontinued bottled ginger (gasp!!) was wrong.

I was so excited they hadn’t discontinued it that I even bought 2 jars!

So the next question, of course, is “Can a sealed jar go bad?” Well, I don’t have the answer to that riveting question just yet, but I can say I will smell it carefully when I do open it.

Thank goodness I hadn’t put the sauce on the fish before I ate it, so I ended up with (basically) potatoes and fish, heavily salted. It was a very “white” meal.

*Obviously, it takes very little to excite me…