I am a recovering:

*shoe whore


*”drown my sorrows in material goods” kind of person

*smoker (5 years, 27 days but who’s counting)

*stickler for a clean house (you’d never guess that now, would you?)

*overall perfectionist (no comment)

*Ted-Drewes-aholic (OK, who am I kidding?! That’s a bald-faced lie. I’m only “in recovery” because they’re closed for the season.)

*a dog-not-carer-abouter

The world not being an “all or nothing” kind of world, I have been more successful in “maintaining recovery” in some of the above than in others.

Gadget-getting is a prime example: I still have the same TV I bought in 1990 and I don’t have cable, but am about to get my 34th cell phone, have two mp3 players that I seldom use and will have a 3rd one when I get my cool new phone next week.