The only reason I’m commenting on the Westminster Kennel Show is because a beagle won.

Actually, I’m not even excited that a beagle won but am more excited because the

  • winner, a prize-winning, trained animal acted just like
  • my beagle, a barely-certified-for-the-TOUCH-program, (see Support Dogs link on right)  forgot-all-her-training animal


Note the similarities between the one in the video—a prize-winning, trained animal that won an “exclusive” event—and my dog:

  • barks adorably (some would say excessively) when excited
  • pulls on leash
  • can’t stop sniffing
  • only cares about the food
  • looks only at the person with the food
  • doesn’t obey and stay
  • jumps on somebody (!)
  • tries to wander away
  • shakes self off for no apparent reason

Really, the similarities are uncanny.


And now, for a few things that are just wrong:

ohno.jpg justwrong.jpg