I hardly remember my dreams. Actually, I wake up remembering and swear (to myself) I won’t forget but, of course I always do. Except last night…

Last night I dreamed I was vacuuming with my old Eureka Princess (don’t ask me why) but kept getting frustrated because it wouldn’t suck stuff up. The frustration went on and on (like I was a moron who couldn’t figure out any possibilities why a vacuum wouldn’t suck up stuff).

Gosh, and wouldn’t you know, it turned out (in the dream) that the bag was full. Quelle shock!

The Freudian-therapy side of me could say this was symbolic of me being plugged up (insert your definition of that here) but I think it was just a lame dream.

Of course, even more lame is that I took the time to write, edit, and post this…