5:30 Sunday night…something yummy must be cooking on my stove, right? Nope—-here’s what’s on my stove:

Interestingly (to me anyway) the herbal pain medicine is directly referred to only here: Just another Saturday at my house (or: Livin’ the dream) For what that stuff costs I can’t believe I haven’t ranted about it written about it yet.

    I have an electronic-ignition stove, so there are no pilot lights (good thing, huh?). Oh god. I just remembered I turned on the oven to put the potatoes in. ACK!

    Add to list above:

    • Dirty (normal size) cookie sheet found in oven

    This revelation of interconnectivity is an example of what Oprah calls “a full circle moment.” Granted she meant it in a more spiritual sense, but the fact that I can tie this one entry to no less than 5 previous entries is circular, no?