…writing about your latest breakup. Posting MRI scans on it does not increase your traffic, though. As Omar’s comment implied in here: Another one bites the dust…, I’m apparently not unique in having a CD of my brain. (I know—it was hard to absorb that. Is having your brain MRI on CD becoming cliché?)

Anyway, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that it’ll be a while until I post about my next latest breakup.

That’s because I’m becoming:

  • a re-born-again virgin
  • lesbian
  • Buddhist monk
  • who lives by herself on a deserted island
  • with only:
    • Pina Coladas
    • a rechargeable music player
    • infinite amount of reading material
    • an on-call boy toy (me a lesbian*–who am I kidding?! <–*not that there’s anything wrong with that)
    • unlimited funds to fly in a friend or relative periodically to bring me Ted Drewes and stay ’til we’re sick of each other

–>Off-topic: You would not believe the number of hits I get for Ted Drewes. If I got a free Oreo extra Oreo for every hit on “Ted Drewes,” I’d weigh about 500 lbs. They really need to get a website.

With just the above, I do believe I’d be set.

  • Oh, add a toilet, potable water and a cook.

I’m still at the weep-weep –>IHopeYouGetTheToledoSize KidneyStone –>I knew this was coming, so why didn’t I do it then? –> weep-weep –> Thoughts I’m not willing to share but have to do with sex if you really must know –> weep weep –> IHopeYouGetTheToledoSize KidneyStone –> weep-weep –>I miss him. –>weep weep –> ToledoSize KidneyStone –> I’m relieved –> No more dating ever again –> I knew it’d never work so why didn’t I break it off –> oh I’ll be fine –> weep weep –> oh goody I don’t have to shave until summer! –> vicious circle that keeps going ’round and ’round until I distract myself phase.

Unfortunately for me, unlike The ExMan and a few other XMen come to think of it (like the one who forgot to tell me we were done before he started dating again—doncha hate when you forget to do stuff like that?!), I can’t just come to a relationshipy decision, execute it, then walk away cleanly and unemotionally. <3/9 I just remembered an exception – I did do it once.>

I have to understand why, go through the vicious circle for a while (this one’ll hopefully be short since we weren’t together long), then swear off men (again).

I’m also specifically swearing off Virgo men (again). I hate to generalize (not to mention acknowledge an affinity to horoscopes) but me+Virgo=NoGo.

And I’m not saying they’re a-holes, mind you (although I say it plenty while I’m still in the vicious circle). These have been wonderful, funny, usually good-hearted intelligent men.

I keep going for the Virgos, but no more. I have really learned my lesson this time. I’ve already told my friends to just shoot me if I ever even talk about one again. I mean it. I’m inherently attracted to them, yet it’s a guaranteed destruction in the making.

But anyway, back to the major point here–have had major spikes in traffic, but only a few clicks on the MRI images. I’d thought more people would want to see either them or the witty comments I inserted but no, not so much…

Here’s another opportunity though. I just think it’s really cool (and am apparently one of few that thinks this) to have dozens of images of the inside of your brain.

I have pictures of where all of my (over-thinking highly-attuned thinking) originates! I can watch the cd and see images of my brain changing over time.

I think it’s fascinating, but maybe I think it’s fascinating the same way new parents think their baby’s first fart is fascinating.

But don’t tell me that right now, ok? Just play along, cheer me up a little, leave a comment, and agree that these are — without a doubt — the most interesting, life-altering images you have ever seen: