Or is it that sometimes size doesn’t matter, even if it helps?

You probably don’t may remember how excited I was when I got my new toaster oven (Here, let me refresh your memory: Today’s cheap thrill (or “Size matters”) ).

I’ve used it a few times, but it’s got some problems:

  • Inaccurate timer (light, dark, 5 to 15 min.—doesn’t matter though—see the 3rd item)
  • Temperature options: Toast, Bake, Broil—I could maybe live with this instead of having a thermostat, except that…
  • The door pops open. At first I thought it was a feature; i.e.- the door popped open when the item was not done cooking. Nope, turns out it pops open just because it can.

Any one of those would be annoying, but it doesn’t really work well on any level except that it doesn’t get hot to the touch. That’s not supposed to happen with a toaster oven.

That was basically a wasted $35, although I got 2 blog entries out of it.

Actually, now that we have single-stream recycling <See Cheap thrills or lame thrills?>, I have more space in the cabinets so I should be able to cram a real toaster oven in somewhere.

This one? I’m sending it to Goodwill and will let someone else duct tape it shut when they use it.


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