I can’t believe I forgot (* & **) until now but



It’s 3/14, and at 1:59 today I was prepping for a meeting. What were you doing at 3.14 1:59?

Thanks to Gizmodo for reminding me about this. My last post Getting drunk this weekend? Well, you might as well make some money…> also was stolen from linked to them.

Fun fact about Marie/y: Despite having virtually flunked geometry (or is it related to calculus, which I also almost flunked?), I know Pi up to this much: 3.1415927 (rounded up).

I used to know more digits, and was kind of proud of myself for knowing this. I don’t feel bad about the almost-flunking part either, since neither calculus or geometry has come in handy EVer.

I saw this guy on 60 Minutes (or maybe 20/20—I’ve never been strong at math) who could recite it to ~20,000 digits.

Amazing. I don’t even remember what Pi is for/about. And please don’t tell me because I really don’t care.


*I just put a note on my calendar for next year.

**and I’d never heard of it before last year