My sister sent me this…


Dang it. I just realized this entry will be one more rabbit reference for people to come to my site for. Alas, most of my references to rabbits are to dead ones and to the animals that have killed them (mine).

OK, well I envisioned today doing leisurely reading, not counting up how many people got to my site looking for rabbit-related entries, but if not on easter then when, right?

These are the tallies just since mid-July — ~175 and counting. Entries in red are searches that are either alarming, were viewed many times, have typos-that-make-me-wonder-what-this-world-is-coming-to, or are just funny.

You’ll also notice a preponderance of searches for dead rabbits.

People are strange <says the woman who just spent >1 hour pulling this out of a text file, importing into Excel, totaling up, highlighting the oddities in red.>

Yeah, they’re weird — I’m not.

+baby rabbit +abuse  
a dead rabbit in the air 2
A rabbit and a vole together 3
baby rabbit 14
Baby rabbit and bunny 2
baby rabbit and cat  
baby rabbits 17
baby rabbits progress 2
baby-rabbit dead  
backyard rabbit removal  
beagle grabbed baby bunny  
biggest rabbit 33
biggest rabbit in the world 4
bunny dead  
bunny dead car 2
bunny eating from bird feeder  
bunny house  
bunny pics(small) 2
bunny rabbit out of keyboard keys
bunny reading 2
bunny tatoo  
bunny wabbit 2
cat caught rabbit  
catch bunny cat  
cute cat and rabbit 2
dead baby bunnies  
dead bloody bunnies 2
dead bunnies 4
dead bunny 20
Dead bunnys 3
dead rabbit 5
dead rabbit photo  
dead rabbits 2
dead rabbits backyard  
dead rabbits pictures  
disgusting bunny  
fat bunny rabbit 3
fat rabbit  
Funny baby rabbits  
girl bunny in a garden  
girl holding bunny  
holding a pet bunny  
holding a rabbit 4
holding bunny  
holding rabbit 5
how do you know if a baby rabbit is dead 2
images of baby rabbits  
is my baby rabbit dead  
mall bunny photos 2
people holding rabbits  
rabbit babies  
rabbit beagle 5 <I just want to know if they meant “rabid.”>
rabbit caption  
rabbit cats 2
rabbit claws  
rabbit dead  
rabbit eats dead baby 2
rabbit holding  
rabbit House  
rabbit only 2
rabbit sleeping house  
rabbit small 4
rabbit storys 2
rabbit tatoo 2
really small rabbit  
small baby rabbits 2
small bunny 10
small bunnys that stay small  
small pet bunny rabbits  
small rabbit 9
small rabbit cute  
small rabbits professional photos  
tatoo bunny picture  
the biggest bunny in the world 3
the biggest rabbit 2
the biggest rabbit ever!  
upset baby rabbit  
very small baby bunnies  
why cant my dog smell a rabbit