<update 3/26—Hot-but-crazy-owner-man left me 4 voicemails today, one of which I actually listened to. I called his MOTHER to give her the desired information so I don’t have to deal w/him anymore, but she doesn’t seem so well herself. Apple…tree…? ’nuff said>

Am finally having the one side of my house tuck pointed so the chimney doesn’t fall down, and getting what’s left of the foundation covered with magic concrete sh** whatever they use for these things.

“Before” pictures, which helped me not get a tax increase on my house:



The guy who owns the company is super hot (another story about that later) but I’m a bit concerned about his sanity. He calls me Sun. night, asks if they can start work on Monday. Sure, no problem. He can’t find the contract (which I haven’t signed yet, mind you) so I scanned it in and emailed it to him.

Tonight he calls, leaves 2 messages on my home phone because he was rambling so long he ran out of time. THEN he calls my cell phone, which I picked up, and he starts rambling on and on about taking care of me, doing more than necessary blah blah blah ramble ramble ramble.

THEN, this grown man with literally 10 children, says his mother is “riding him about money” (it is a family business but still) and asks if I can leave him a check (several thousand dollars) tomorrow when they finish up.

It took me a full year to save up this much money. So I could at least earn a little interest on it I put it in this dinky church credit union that is literally open one hour one night a week — that’s how little it is.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep thousands of dollars in my checking account just waiting to be spent. If I have extra, I want to put it somewhere that will earn me a little extra. So I told him I could leave him part of it (a very small part of it) tomorrow but that he’s gonna have to wait until I go to St. Dinky’s credit union on Monday. I thought he was gonna start crying.

I mean, it’s kind of sad and I wish I’d have thought of going there last night, but good god man, have you heard of birth control?! What the hell are you doing having 10 kids if you can’t even pay your workers?! Or why are you hiring workers if you can’t even take care of your own family?! Get your a** out there and work it! I don’t know, the whole thing left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

But I’ll have a freshly-covered foundation, my chimney won’t fall down, and my “fruit cellar” will be pointed and painted. Dealing with this guy, however, has been nothing short of painful. I don’t care how good a job his company does!