This is from an actual email “conversation” between me and two of my telecommuting colleagues at the Everywhere Place. I wasn’t in this part of the “conversation” yet.

I’ll call the colleagues Jay and Rob but those are not their real names.

So “Rob” sends a prototype for an application whose screens we’re redesigning, with an accompanying email:

ROB: Subject line: How does this look?

This has a number of mild refinements:
– text is a gray (444444) instead of blue
– all boxes now have the same corner radius

JAY’s reply: A thing of beauty…

ROB: Yes, I know I’m cute. But what do you think about the prototype?


ROB (again – quickly): Just so everyone knows – I have been 3 days now without chocolate or coffee. I haven’t done that in my entire adult life. I am in a weird state of mind.

JAY: It’s probably too late for that kind of explanation, but thanks.