I’m in a sentimental mood already. I had to go to the bowels of South City to St. Dinky’s credit union (only open 1 hour, 1 night a week) and get the money to pay off crazy tuckpointer. See < Rant >.

I won’t go into all the changes I’ve seen there over the years (some good, some bad). Those changes must seem even bigger through my parents’ eyes, since they grew up “down there,” but that’s really not what I intend to talk about tonight.

No, my sentimentality right now is being directed towards razors and shaving.

I finally cut sawed through opened my new “Soleil” (French for “sun”) razor system — and I do mean razor system.

The only reason I bought this new system in the first place was because it (and a separately-packaged cartridge of blades) cost less than the refill blades alone for my last “system” (not pictured).

Being in a sentimental mood I started thinking about how womens’ shaving habits have been forced to change have changed over the years. First, I had this. Just your basic plastic disposable — cheap enough for a kid to afford. Did the job but I didn’t have any expectations either. Just like the picture, it wasn’t too sharp.

But even at a young age I hated throwing the plastic away, so when I was out of college I upgraded to this. It was quite the step up because it had three blades, I only had to throw away the cartridge, which they made generics of, so it was cheaper than the name brand.


And it allegedly had a “moisturizing strip” oooh ahhh and the blades lasted forever. Sure I bled they scratched me sometimes, but there was nothing else available then. And I’m only talking 10 years ago, kids.

And then my friend Stacey started raving about her new Venus — the blades lasted “forever,” they moved to follow the curve of (say) your knee. Guys or non-converts: This means a closer shave and less cuts.

Fast-forward a few more years. Still frugal, still using the above razor. But then one day I couldn’t find my razor blades at Target or Walmart or Walgreen’s.

Then I noticed there was less of my good ole’ Barbisol shaving cream on the shelves and more froo-froo scented expensive creams that promised to do everything but do the shaving for you. I can still find my Barbisol but am sure it’s just a matter of time…
Well even I could see the writing on the wall: Just like “pantyhose” and sweatshirts, my old methods were going the way of the dodo bird. sigh

Time to adapt again. I hate that.

So I got some Venus-type “system” that did what it Stacey promised: it shaved closely to my “contours,” cut me less, the blades lasted longer. Bliss, I tell you, it was bliss.

And then, another adaptation. Truthfully I just got mad about paying so much for the damn refills, and the Soleil was on sale. So I got it and am finally just opening it. Here it is folks: The shower mount alone is gonna make it worth it.


Will keep you posted on whether or not it actually works as promised. Given the hype on the packaging I’m sure it will meet my every need.