Between ~6am and 7am every morning in my ‘burb, if you’re awake and can hear (door open, radio’s off, etc.) you hear the sounds of sirens (can sing that à la the Simon & Garfunkel song if desired — “Hello darkness my old friend..).

It’s always that early and there are usually at least 2 sirens (presumably one for the cops and one for the ambulance), and they stop near by (which makes sense since this isn’t exactly a booming metropolis).

It happens virtually every morning I listen for it. Finally a couple of years ago I realized what was going on.

I call it the “oh my god I woke up but my husband / wife didn’t” hour. In other words, some older person has woken up and realized that their spouse or SigOt is not waking up too. So they call 911.

It makes sense when you think of how many older folks there are around here, but every day I hear it I think of that poor (awaking) person and send out good thoughts to and for them.

I wonder if the ambulance drivers just sit in their vehicles at ~6am waiting for the inevitable or if they ever actually get to sleep through the “oh my god I woke up but my husband / wife didn’t” hour. Maybe they even have their own phrase for this hour (though they’re welcome to borrow mine). They have to have noticed this trend.

If you don’t know me it might sound weird to say this, but just recently I’ve begun to think “I hope I have the chance to make that call someday” (sniff sniff). Actually it might sound weird regardless, but you know what I mean.