Further proof that Karma exists and thrives: Remember how I used to steal liberate daffodils from parks, public places, and private – places – where – there – were – so – many – that – nobody – would – notice?

And I’m not just talking about a few either. Nobody who witnessed (or was beneficiary) would deny that I took dozens.

Before we could drive we’d take – home -a – sak (grab, walk fast and bag along the way). When we got our licenses I (or whoever was driving) would pull over far enough to “hide,” I’d run, grab and go. We really had it down to a science.

Then I would give most of them away to friends’ mothers. Of course they loved me already but this made them just love me more. I would also, of course, bring them home to my mother and tell her I’d gotten them out of my friend’s mother’s garden.

It was all quite convoluted, but to this day, my friends see daffodils in my yard and bring up Marie/y’s little “problem.” Note that they conveniently forget they were either participants or recipients of “Marie/y’s little problem.”

Anyway: this should come as no surprise to anyone that believes in Karma: Now, with my own garden full of them I have become ragingly allergic to daffodils.

I brought some to work. They smelled so good but I had to move them from so much sniffling and sneezing. I finally ended up dumping them before they were really dead because I kept sneezing. They’re all over my garden, in their prime, tempting me, yet I can’t pick them because they drive me nuts.

See? There really is Karma. I stole enjoyment, therefore I get it stolen from me now.

Yours in profundity,


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