Remember how I wrote about OCL and how you listen to the same song over and over so much that you might as well just burn only that song to cd, repeating it enough to fill it>? <OCL: What it is and how you can help>

Well, the other day I was talking to someone (who doesn’t read my blog—I know—I couldn’t believe it either) and somehow we got onto the topic of OCL.

I asked if he’d ever had OCL (you really can’t say you “suffer” from it since the only people who might suffer are those who have to listen—over and over—to whatever you’re OCL’ing on).

He said that—ahem—he had made a cd of one song that just repeated for the whole cd, and how his wife got in the car w/him one day, could listen to the song only a couple of times and thought he was nuts.

Well I didn’t think he was any crazier crazy for doing it. Far from it: I understood. I got it.

Naturally, since this subject is still taboo in our culture I don’t expect any feedback from you, dear reader, but it’s okay. I know you’re out there, I know you do it too, and someday we’ll all be proud to talk about it.

Until then, I’ll keep bringing it up educating the public and breaking through the barrier for all of us.

No problem. I’m here for you.