Having proven long ago that I have no pride (or is it no shame?), I am revealing today 2 of my deepest shames, 2 items of clothing I cannot bear to get rid of.

I’ve already purged the jeans – that – were – faded -just – right* – and – had – holes – in – the – right – places – but – that – I – couldn’t -fit – an – arm – into – anymore.

I’ve purged the beloved overcoat with the zip-out liner but that had shoulder pads.

Dead tennis shoes I could garden in? Gone.

But these…these I can’t let go of and I don’t know why. I don’t think I’m sentimental over them…one I got at a thrift store in college, and the shirt was from an old boyfriend.

They were both used and old when I got them.

They’re certainly not “in style” (if they ever were).

I would never wear them in public unless I were – well, unless I had a fire in the middle of the night I guess.

They have holes, tears, paint stains, no elastic where they should and have faded immeasurably.

They are literally threadbare. And yet…

They are sooooo soft. I wear them for bed and feel like I’m all snuggly, even though they provide no insulation whatsoever. It’s a comfort thing, I guess.

I just can’t seem to get rid of them. I feel like Linus with his blanket…

The goods (the bads?)

Jersey from a b.f.; at least 20 years old


That’s my hand. And you can pretty much see thru it when there IS no light behind it…


Sweatshirt from a thrift store between 21 and 24 years ago…


It’s too thin for sweat to be absorbed into it…

*Yes, kids, when I was a youngen we used to actually buy new, blue blue jeans and allow them to fade naturally by washing them a lot.