Email #1

From: Rhett B. <not his real name>

To: <A project team distribution list, a dept. DL, and 1 individual>



I will be out of the office on Friday. If a dire emergency occurs, please contact my cell phone (###) ###-####. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you all on Monday.

Rhett + email signature info. <Again, this is not his real name.>

-adjective, dir*er, dir*est.
1. causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terrible: a dire calamity.

end of email #1


(You DO realize he added the definition of “dire,” right?)


Email #2

From: Darrell N. <not his real name>

To: Rhett B. <not his real name>


Just so I’m clear—–the following are things that you DO NOT want to be contacted about and you DO NOT consider a DIRE emergency—as far as you’re concerned, correct?

*Marie/y <sort of her real name> changes her white board again to explain how to say her name…..MARY.

*Jerry <not his real name> gets clobbered by his white board, again. Then, as if he knows it will stay up this time, places it back on the wall.

*Ted <not his real name> says something sarcastic ……as if for the first time…….in the morning, just after he walks in the door…like clock work.

*Someone in the group sends out a WFH <ed. note: Work From Home> e-mail.

*It begins to rain, it looks like it’s going to rain or there is rain in the forecast.

end of email #2



The email is verbatim, except I changed the names and added the asterisks in the 2nd email to separate out the points Darrell was “confirming.”

Anyone who knows me or who’s read a couple of entries in this blog realizes that clearly, this is the group I was meant to work with.

Darrell’s only been with our group for a few months, yet he’s obviously perceptive, having picked up on the subtle, yet obvious – when – we – think – about – it things that probably none of us even thought about (except for Ted’s sarcasm — it’s worse than mine — yes, really.)

I do frequently change my white board, Jerry’s often falls on him (ruining Ted’s network connection, which is the real issue here), Ted’s every other word is sarcastic (though it works for him) and the rain part is definitely accurate, and most of last week and already today someone has sent an email out saying they’d be working from home that day…

Clearly this means that Darrell is meant to be in our group, if only to point out the things we don’t even see in ourselves. And clearly Rhett, while he has a great sense of humor, is meant to be in our group as the straight man (in a manner of speaking), as well as to enhance our vocabularies.

It’s a good group of people to work with. Even if it appears a few of us are living Groundhog Day it doesn’t feel like it most days, thanks to all the laughs…