I never know how to phrase that: it’s not that you need to know any of this right now, it means that it’s about me right now…and I would like you to know, but not necessarily now, just whenever you get to this. OK, whatever — you get the point.

I’ve said it before What you need to know about me right now ; I’ll say it again: I would really welcome and appreciate suggestions for a better way to phrase that. I’ve put too much enough a lot time into thinking how to better phrase it.


  • Still keeping fiber intake high, but not with those icky Fiber One bars <see My moral dilemma at the grocery store > Now I’m trying more of those rip-off (though tasty) Kashi bars but this time it’s cherry and REAL chocolate, unlike Fiber One’s “chocolate chips with confectioner’s shellac…ethanol, shellac…” Now if seeing this doesn’t make you start reading labels better I don’t know what will (from FiberOne.com). Sometimes I’m grateful for government interference in our lives. You have to wonder if the 35% of your fiber needs is coming from one of those ingredients, don’t you?

  • Now listening to: Grateful Dead// It’s funny, I’m listening to the song, Sugar Magnolia, which takes me back to the cassette I made of the album. I used to visit my friend in northern Wisconsin in my teenage years, and made friends with this guy. We brought that tape out into his boat on the lake, and he accidentally pressed the “record” button. First you hear the music “she’s my daydream…sing sing…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” That last word was me realizing he’d pressed the wrong button. That was at least 25 years ago, but every time I hear that song I still “hear” the music stop in that one spot and me going “NOOOOOOOOOO,” only now the music doesn’t stop.

Same thing happens when I listen to digital versions of other albums or songs. I listen now and still remember exactly where the album would skip in particular songs. Which is creepy since I forget more important things. Guess that was part of the charm of the music in older media.

  • # time spent in garden this spring: a LOT (one reason I’m slacking on the blogging)
  • # of bags of mulch I have right now: 10
  • # additional bags I’ll need: probably 10
  • # of bags spread so far: 0
  • # of weeds in weed patch garden: unknown but incalculable anyway
  • Why it’s incalculable: Last fall I scattered several partially-filled baggies of seeds I’d gathered over the past few years, thinking not too many would sprout but hoping some would. I now know for sure that cleome seeds don’t spoil in the fridge after 3+ years…There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of seedlings out there. They’re just clumped together like one big weed. (Side note: how can I kill 3 peonies but the violet leaves (weeds) are as big as my hand?!)

  • # of Siberian Iris in bloom now: more than I’ve ever had. I took pix, but with my real camera. I’ll insert them here later maybe, but I’m happy ’cause they contrast really nicely with the variegated hostas, which are larger than the one here, but you get part of the idea at least.

<update 6/2: Here is a muted shot of the iris (more in back but not shown)>

  • Craziest thing I did today: buy a (full-sized) bag of Lay’s baked BBQ chips
  • 2nd craziest thing: not eating the whole bag in 1 day