Due to a couple hundred apparently bored people looking at a post from late February on icanhazcheezburger,* I not only had a record number of people referred to my site, but a record number of page views today.

It was so good that my total number of page views hit 6000 today, which I wasn’t expecting for a few more days!

Now for someone like the late-lamented-but-not-late omarphillips.net or a site like gizmodo.com, which receive about a bazillion hits a day, my numbers would be pitiful.

And don’t get me wrong – I was excited that blogher.com mentioned my post Heart attacks: part of the “economic stimulus package” but it didn’t generate nearly the traffic that cheez did.

And for me, a humble person in the flyover zone who talks to herself a lot, this is big. Unfortunately, the post they linked to was kind of lame-o without the background story.

To see that, click the above link, look for This just in: L’il F****er, and go to the link in it for the premature eulogy and (what I think is) a better entry than what they linked to (which is done automatically).

Or just click here and skip all that: Li’l F####er—a eulogy?

Given that my sister Grace, my friend Susan, my colleague Brett and an occasional uncle or two (Bob & Chris) are my “core audience,” getting to 6000 people in one year is pretty good. Today excepted, that means my core audience has (on average) each looked at my blog over 1200 times last year. Thanks you guys! Where do you find the time?

I’ve said before that the numbers aren’t as meaningful as providing people enjoyment, but we all know that’s bull*&^-: I want both.

*I don’t get it either…