Plus one=4 this year

I think this is a low count compared to past years, but

  • It’s been extremely rainy this year and
  • I’ve never really counted before so it is possible, although unlikely, that in past years I only had a few but it seemed like more. In fact, it’s so unlikely that I am crossing it off the list. The m/vole count is low due to all the rain.

Ra**its, on the other hand, gawd. Yesterday morning — I swear this is true — there were 2 rabbits walking down my sidewalk.

Not hopping, not scrambling, not scurrying over each other, but standing up and walking one behind the other, sauntering almost.

For the first time I almost wished for a couple more because it would’ve been a great photo. Granted, they are everywhere else so it’s not like I’m jonesing to see them or anything.