You already know I’m a recovering shoe addict, and you know I love gadgets, the nerdnet, photography, gardening, reading and Ted Drewes. I would still love cigarettes if I still smoked them. I have a few TV shows that I love. A few recipes I love.

I could go on with all the things I enjoy, but you get the idea.

I’m a love-er: when I love something I love it a lot. That means I do it/ buy it / read it/ watch it /eat it/ make it a lot.

If we were clinicians, we might call this a borderline “obsessive disorder” but we are not clinicians now, are we?

I do know I don’t need any more bad habits, things to be interested in, things to do, watch, eat, see, or read. I have enough of all for now, thank you.

And yet…

Twice now, I’ve come upon (and been sucked into) Password, the new version of the ’70s tv show. Remember Betty White and Alan Ludden? And the “celebrities” (people who actually DID something to deserve their fame) and players sat next to each other and tried to guess the secret passwords?

Well, it’s baaaack. It doesn’t have Betty White, though, and Allen Ludden died a long time ago.

This is either a memory-jogger or an educational tool:

(Click image for link to Wikipedia article.)

Now it’s got — annoying of annoying — Regis Philbin hosting. Ugh.

It also looks like any other “evening game show” on now: long ramps to the center, busy moving graphics, standing contestants, dark backdrops, overly-loud cheering audience, annoying computer-y music, flashing lights (really make me dizzy) and too many commercials and repeats of what the rules are.

But in between commercials and Regis pseudo-bonding with the contestants, it’s still fast-paced and I love watching how people try to tie words together. It’s absorbing. Way too absorbing.

I’m not at the point yet (nor do I ever hope to be) where I can think of my own hints to passwords or close my eyes and listen to the clues and figure out the passwords. No, my friend, those days are more distant than I can count right now.

The two shows I’ve seen have had Rosie O’Donnell. Now whether you love her or hate her, you hafta give her credit: the woman is a game show who@@ like I’m a reading who@@. She knows her games, is good at them, and is well, good at them.

Because I find her style so engaging and I love the game and don’t want to watch any additional tv shows, I hope they move the show around a lot so I’ll never know when it’s on (or missed it), or Regis will annoy me so much I can’t watch it anymore, or it’ll get canceled or something.

And yet…

it’s just the thing I could rationalize as a dementia-preventative. Let’s just hope it’s a summer replacement-type show and that it goes away in the fall, shall we? Ok, let’s…