I was a bit disappointed this afternoon.

<Background> If I’m around on Sat. afternoons I listen to Weekend America on NPR (of course). I at least have it on as background noise.

Last w/end there was a segment on “planned obsolescence.” It was about how things aren’t made to last because “they” need you to keep buying new things to keep “them” in business.

Or at least I think it was about that. I say that because the only thing I really remember was the commentator’s opening remark about how his vacuum cleaner needs repair but he doesn’t “feel like” getting it fixed, so he was going to take it to the <what’s the word for “environmentally responsible landfill?”> and get a new one.

It was his seg-way into the planned obsolesence story, which has I listened to it might have been good, but which I was too pi@@@ed off to concentrate on. His attitude wasn’t “well it’s 50 years old so it’s had a good life” or “it’d cost more to fix in than I could afford / want to spend” or “it’s so old it blows instead of suck.”

His attitude seemed more (to me, IMHO) to be “I’m too lazy to get it fixed but as long as i get rid of it responsibly I can go be a good little consumer and just buy a new one.”

I try not to preach my values (no really, I do try) unless asked or unless you just do something really bone-headed like say “I don’t feel like it.” That just stuck in my craw (obviously, since I don’t even remember the story).

I sent them a comment suggesting alternate ways to deal with it, like really being responsible and getting it fixed, that dumping it in the eco-landfill and buying a new one is the last option in the “reduce reuse recycle” flow, how he could get it fixed and donate it somewhere AND get a tax deduction (Hey-I ain’t stupid), etc.

And I made a point to mention how I use my former piece, Grandma N’s Eureka Princess (seen here)

as a back porch / basement vacuum cleaner now. It’s not the BEST sucker-upper, but it doesn’t have to be for those areas (and it beats sweeping) (background on the Eureka Princess).

Anyway, I got an email from a Weekend America producer saying they wanted to use my comments in a follow up segment on Sat. and when/how could they reach me.

(Sometimes they read comments on the air and sometimes the writer-inner reads them on the air, so the 1st thing I did after responding was begin my vocal exercises.)

But as the week wore on and I didn’t hear back from Millie, I realized they weren’t going to use it. Sure enough, I (deliberately) listened today and they had consulted an “expert” instead.

I guess they got more comments that people are (get this) “hard-wired to shop” (?!) so they decided on the dude with the doctorate instead of the dude-ette with the Art History degree. BTW, the PhD said that theory was bullkaka, which I could’ve told them and they’d have had a “two-fer” but whatever.

Anyway, it would have been fun but I’ve had plenty of media exposure, thank you, what with walking behind <insert name of childhood tv star who ended up on drugs but in the meantime was in the Toyota celebrity charity race that occurs before the Long Beach Grand Prix here> while Entertainment Tonight was interviewing him.

And then my niece, my dog and I were on a local tv show (a crowd shot, but they did a close up of Girl the beagle ’cause she’s so damn cute except last night when I got home and discovered her accident on the wood floor).

And another time I was in the paper with my friend Jane when we (left work early and) went to Ted Drewes. They took a photo of us and inserted with one of those “isn’t it great that spring is here” kind of captions.

And of course, I was mentioned in a nationally-read blog, blogher and icanhascheezburger (click here to view semi-related story)

So I mean, I’ve had my share of fame that I never even asked for. But this? This would’ve been national syndicated exposure. To what end I can’t say, since I’ve never craved national syndicated exposure, but it would’ve been fun.

sniff sniff Alas, it was not meant to be…I guess it will keep me humble until the next media opportunity comes along.