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-move branches of annuals that are in front of the tomato so the annuals are positioned juuuuust right to allow the proper amount of light through to the tomatoes (guaranteed time-killer if you do it right)

-move bird feeders around to encourage the goldfinches and hummingbirds to come over

-see if you have new tomatoes coming out (yes!)

-see if you have new squash coming out (no)

-look up why squash plant won’t produce

-look up why squash plant has powdery mildew

-take coffee grounds outside and carefully spread

-water plants, carefully re-positioning sprinkler every 10 minutes so that every single plant gets its proper amount of water

-consider how hot Charleston SC must be right now

-figure out how you could take your favorite perennials with you if you ever decide to move (and which ones you’d want to take) and how long they’d last if they traveled in a car vs. a moving van

-walk dog even though she doesn’t want to since it’s 450° outside

-swing on swing set at park and practice those vertigo exercises you’ve been meaning to try for 2 years

-untangle stupid dog who gets between your legs while you are swinging

-seriously consider vacuuming the house

-semi-seriously consider moving the 2 tons of mulch created in easement in front when trees were cut down

-write a blog post about all the ways you could avoid / can avoid / have avoided doing what you really need to do

-play on the ball you use as a chair to see if you can balance on it while laying/lying straight as a board

-keep typing about nothing so you don’t have to post the post and get back to doing what you really need to do but don’t want to really do