Usually when someone calls (and I now know who is calling since I finally have caller id) I don’t say “Hello?” as though I don’t know who it is. (Why do people do that?!)

I usually just jump right in and say whatever’s pertinent to knowing the person or that’s relevent to something that’s going on, or (ideally) something that’s funny.

Maybe I’ll pick up the phone and just start talking as though we’re already in a conversation or I’ll make — and I know you’ll find this hard to believe — a smart### remark.

Ideally it’s funny, but usually there’s a pause before what I say ‘clicks’ with the caller. Regardless, this apparently unusual behavior takes people off guard.

So I had that paid back in spades recently when I called a friend and he answered: “Carters’ Summer Home — summer home and summer not.” *

Get it?! It’s probably better heard than read but say it out loud a couple of times and see if you start laughing like I did.

If you don’t get it just call and I’ll answer the phone that way for you, and you will laugh.

It totally caught me off guard, but at least I now know how my telephone “greetings” kind of throw people. It gives you pause, but once it sinks in you usually laugh.

Not expecting the unexpected can be fun and It keeps your brain elastic. (I have no scientific evidence of this but it sounds accurate doesn’t it?)


* and they don’t have caller id so he didn’t know it was me — he just said it