Sometimes I make myself laugh…

Out of all the olympic games/sports, I love gymnastics and diving the most. Swimming, running, rowing…borrrinnng.

But if I see diving and/or gymnastics then I’m in. The grace, strength, flexibility and fluidity are simply amazing (like I have to tell you).

Anyway, I must be watching it too much: I realized that I have the “ability” to see the little things, the imperfections: “Ooh, a little off-center there.” “He fell?!” “That back flip on the balance beam wasn’t as extended as it should’ve been,” etc.

Then the crack wore off and I realized, “Helloooo?! You can’t do more than 3 push-ups, this year was the first time you could do the breast stroke without your whole center sinking to the bottom, and you haven’t even been to the gym in 2 months.”

In other words, what the hell gives me the right to be critiquing anyone?! I laughed when I realized this.

But (positive spin coming) that’s when I realized I could use my powers for good and that I’d be a good olympic judge (or a TV commentator** for that matter). I could pull the most minute faults out of a seemingly flawless performance to point out what the athlete “should” be doing.

I have the ability to see the finer details that most people miss. What can I say? It’s a blessing and a curse.


**Have you ever really considered the word “commentator”? Why isn’t it just called a “commenter”? One can comment but can one “commentate”? Is that a word?