Truth be told, any amount over one is good, but I hit 8000 visits today!! (technically 8030)

Special thanks to Grace, Susan, Brett, Uncle Bob, Uncle Chris, Matt, Omar and probably a few others I’m missing (sorry in advance). You have each visited an average of 1142.857 times over the past 16 months. And yes, of course I figured that out without a calculator…

The most popular post, and you’ll know why when you see it, is this one. 579 views – sad because I think it’s only that popular because of the icture-pay of the unny-bay). Since people can google images and I didn’t put an obscure name on the picture name you can directly locate it. I’ve learned to obfuscate image names better since this. But it’ll be interesting to see how many more freaks people see it by image googling “all-smay unny-bay” (or some variation thereof).

The 2nd most popular? this one (which I attribute to this post being inadvertently linked to someone else’s post—because not that many people care about my cat. I don’t even care that much for him.) 389 views

The 3rd most popular, at 286 views, is this one, which I really just can’t explain. Go figure. Who knew there was such interest?!

My favorite? Any one with a comment from you, dear reader. Keep ’em coming and thank you for your support and interest, even when I have nothing positive or funny to think, not to mention write about.