OK I can’t stop thinking about this: My first job was babysitting for my 2nd family’s son’s baby (got that?). I remember Sean, the dad, picking me up in his yellow Sunfire, so that means I was not old enough to drive. I think #4 of the 5 of us sisters was born or soon to be born, so that means I was ~14-15.

The baby I watched (Jason) was still a toddler, and I remember I stopped watching him soon after the 2nd one was born, and I think it was a summer gig.

So years pass, lifetimes change, and the next time I see this little toddler, he is ~25 years old, taller than me, married and with kids.

If I hadn’t been introduced, I couldn’t have picked him (the babysat-for kid) out of a lineup! I never would have recognized him, and he (of course, since he was a baby) didn’t remember me.

And I guess the “with kids” part didn’t really register because we were at a funeral, and I don’t remember if they were with him anyway.

So that first – time – in – forever – last – time – I – saw – him was about 6 mos. before my 40th bday, which was 5 1/2 years ago, which means he’s now what, 30’ish? 33’ish tops?

OK, Am I Are you ready? Not only is he married with kids, but he is now a grandfather! This baby, this toddler, has a grandbaby!

Meaning that my friend Sean, is now a great-grandfather! And my friend (his sister — my age) is a great-great aunt!! And her “little brother” (who’s 43) is a great-great uncle! ::snicker snicker::

I’m sorry but we are just not that old. There must be something wrong with the math here. I know I have math anxiety (thank you, Gayle V. Wrongley) but seriously, the toddler I babysat is now a grandfather?!

Clearly, it all comes down to me when you think about it (acceptance, aging, blah – freakin’ – blah) but still…

That does not compute. That does not compute…