It’s not often you get to SEE history being made…Yeah, you can watch it on YouTube later but you can’t always see it being made live. So if you’re not there, get there!!! Go watch it now!!

It’s Obama-rama!!!

Can you tell I’m excited??? How??? Could it be by the over-use of punctuation marks????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been listening* to the speeches on the radio but as soon as the windbags and propaganda movie-ettes are over I’m gonna be all over that tv like me on Edy’s Swiss Orange.

This is cool. Sure, my mom had us watch ALL of the space missions to the moon, so we could say we saw them all.

I have sketchy memories (mostly getting up really early to watch the console TV and sit on the red, white and blue hand -me -down couch in my pj’s and seeing stuff didn’t understand but was mesmerized by, but nothing specific.

This I’ll remember and be present for.



*which is hint #999977373873322 that I must be a grownup.