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# of mature trees in my yard when I moved in: 11

# of tree limbs doing semi-major or major damage to my house or others’ over last 15 years: 5

# of limbs that got me a new screened-in porch: 1big one

# of trees cut down from my 40×110′ yard over the last 15 years: 13

# of tree limbs that’ve fallen down over the last 15 years: 6 million

# of fallen tree limbs I’ve bundled over the last 15 years: 13 billion

Amount of ground-up stump/mulch still in front yard from the most recent cut-downs: 2 cubic yards

Amount of sun I now get in my dining office: 2,000,000 footcandles (That’s a lot.)

Amount spent cutting down trees: approx. $5000

Value of primo view (right from the sidewalk!) of big fireworks show down the street last weekend: priceless