See all these?

Well, they each produce a lot of these:


No, I mean a LOT (click image to view text)


One seedpod has about a bazillion seeds, give or take a few million…


Here’s one seed:


So if I don’t get rid of more of these before they open by themselves,


I will have googilians of seeds, which will in turn produce quadragillions of plants.

This year I gave away and (because I ran out of people to give them to) threw away dozens (millions?) of plants because there were just too many. And believe me, we gardeners don’t say that very often…

I’ve been asking everyone I know if they want seeds, and by god they’re getting ’em. The plants just started dying out, so if I want to catch the pods before they burst open and turn up in every crevice like they did this year,

I have to either cut down the plants while they’re still flowering (noooooooo) or cut the pods off.

Between the neighbor kids and me (i.e.-me) we’ve filled two 1-quart bags of seeds, each being 1″ thick. It’s actually a therapeutic mindless task. I don’t have a lot of mindless tasks lately so this is something I don’t mind doing.

Am so glad my neighborhood kids like to help do this, so they each get lots of bags to take home and “harvest.” I dread the day when they see this kind of stuff as work, but for now I’m milking it for all I can encouraging them to fully explore their interest in gardening…