It cracks me up that the media has actually wondered if the public would go through a “post-election depression (PED)” now that the 2 years of hell bullsh@@ campaigning is finally over. I’ve heard this in more than one place now, so it’s not just one network or radio network saying this either.

The media is kindly helping us avoid PED by making recommendations about what kind of puppy the first family should get, how there haven’t been young kids in the WH since the Kennedys, and my personal favorite: how Bush wants the transition to be as smooth as possible (which they say for every incoming president).

Hell yes Bush wants a “smooth transition.” He’s probably got his bags packed, his running shoes on, and is sitting by the door just in case there’s an early dismissal. You know he can’t wait to get out of there…

Anyway, I hope you’re not going through any “post-election depression.” Personally, I’m glad to not have to hear McCain saying “my friends” anymore. Man that got old. I have friends, Mr. McCain, I’ve known friends. And you Mr. McCain, are not my friend.

So no, I won’t be going through any PED. I have a feeling the only people going through PED are media program directors who have to actually look for new stories or – wait a minute! What about re-visiting some old ones? Like Iraq?!

It’s funny. I don’t think I’ve never been particularly “political” (unless asked). I usually avoid talking politics. It’s like talking about religion: you never change someone’s mind. You just end up pi@@ed off at each other.

With the potential for history to be made, the hope (Obama especially) engendered, the fact that Bush couldn’t run again (proving there must be a God), and the fact that we “sophisticated evolved people from our developed country” are involved in a WAR in the 21st century (which seems so primitive), and probably because I have a blog to rant on, I’m writing about politics. So I guess I’m political. I actually got a yard sign this year.

Granted, it was from a guy who had 200 signs he was supposed to get rid of (he got a phone list from the County ELECTION Board, which seems so wrong). So yes I made his life easier, but I still took it eagerly when offered. And I saved one person from getting a political phone call, which should elevate me to sainthood.

Anyway, it was an unforgettable night and my friend Susan was in Grant Park that night! I’ll upload and append a photo of her here as soon as I get to work tomorrow, since it’s in my work email.

And of course, i will do this on my own free time and not bill out for “brief periods of time spent doing personal things.”

My friend Susan at the rally:


Poor Michelle Obama. This Harvard-educated high-powered lawyer is being shown the residence of the White House tomorrow while her husband gets to listen to CIA updates. I’d go screaming mad if I were her but have a feeling she’ll make a mark too.

Well, I have no real ending for this rambling post but I think we can all agree on one thing: We do not have “post-election depression.” This is because we glad the @@@@ campaign is over. I know: It’s inconceivable to the media but it’s true!

Hell, Satan could’ve been elected this year and it would still be better than the past 8 years. Or wait: maybe Satan was in office for the past 8 years? Hmmm.