I swear, I have never welled up as much as over the last 10 days, hearing all the Obama anecdotes (not to mention that my friend Susan was there for the acceptance speech).

I’ve heard two (other) poignant stories of people (each African-American) who voted for Obama.

One was an oral essay on (where else) NPR by this guy who brought his child into the booth and had his child actually press the voting button for Obama. Looking towards the future…

The other came from Bill Cosby, who brought in pictures of deceased relatives with him while he voted. Honoring the past…


n.b. -I’m saving the anti-gay marriage rant lecture discussion for another day. Today I want to celebrate what IS. Plus, I know you can’t wait for another political rant from someone who swears she’s previously never been political.

PS: n.b. means “notez bien” which means “note well” or “Hey you – pay attention!” If you’re under 40 do you know what “r.s.v.p.” stands for (either literally or contextually)? Note that I’m not saying it’s a contest since I never even published the results of my last only first contest.