When running my dishwasher I always use the Water Miser, “no heat dry” settings to save energy. And I am cheap , frugal care about the environment.

Anyway, usually when I have casserole-type pans I let them soak until all the goop comes off or until the sink is full, and I think we all know which comes first…

Somewhere (Real Simple maybe?) I read talked about using the Pots and Pans setting to save water (versus scrubbing manually, which I avoid at all costs, which is why the sink is always full), to keep the sink clean, and of course, to clean the pans.

Suddenly I realized I had never used the Pots and Pans setting and I’ve had a dishwasher (well 2) for 15+ years!

So I tried it. At first I felt wasteful for using a non-Water Miser setting, but damned if it didn’t work!

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I realize there’s no “before” photo, but I normally don’t think about photographing my dishwasher loads with the thought of a blog posting. Piles of bones maybe, but not dishes.

The pan had Grandma N’s spinach casserole remnants in it, including burned cheese (yum) so in my PPPS (pre-Pots & Pans Setting) world it would’ve required scouring. Now though, it’s a whole new world.