Today I:

1. used my 18 volt cordless reversible driver with built-in level and light with one of my multipurpose hi-speed steel drill – screw bits (background)


2. remove the “summer” toilet seat (background) and install the much – sought and almost – a- match pink salmon “winter” padded toilet seat (again, I refer you to this to more fully understand the importance of having a “winter” toilet seat).

Sure, the use of a driver might possibly be considered overkill, but if you have “screws” to unscrew and you have the tool to do it why use the fly nut? How pedestrian…Plus, it really was faster to use the driver. Really!

Plus I found a forgotten 8 1/2 x 11″ glass baking dish hiding under the driver so it was like an early Christmas present!

So I used the driver to change out the toilet seat and now…

3. Sitting on the toity is like sitting on a warm feathery puffy cloud.