Oh god it’s electronics season. Of course it’s always electronics season for some of us, but now it’s electronics season for everyone.  I’m in physical pain.

Any gadget geek knows you don’t buy electronics gadgets for others at Christmas time; you buy them for yourself as a “treat.”

Since I will be under-employed as of either Monday or the 23rd (you’d think I should know wouldn’t you?!) I can merely lust this year. It’s a test of strength too, let me tell you.

I was lusting for the Verizon Blackberry Storm because I want the touchscreen, the camera for its focal mechanism (auto focus not fixed focus), its bigger display, the GPS on demand, and (of course) for the phone. I didn’t like the mandatory data plan though. I really wouldn’t use it.

Now I hear that the phone sucks under-performs anyway so I’m glad I didn’t run out and get it, but there’s still the (Samsung?) Dare taunting me from Craigslist.

Then there’s the mp3 player. I just can’t make myself become a Pod-person, no matter how many raves it gets. It’s just so proprietary and expensive and blah blah blah. The only plusses it has are that it can play songs gap-lessly (like 2 concert songs without a pause in between).

And don’t get me going on the DTV – DVR saga. I was finally ready to sell myself to the devil (again) and buy a new tv (god it’s a freakin’ great picture) so I kept looking online, learning, comparing features, etc.

Or I did before the reality of  “no job in a sucky economy” really hit. Now I don’t even bother looking. It hurts, I tell you; it just physically hurts.

All those RSS gadget feeds unread, all that money unspent, all the efficiency un-gained, all the convenience un-had. Like I said, it physically hurts.

Call me shallow, materialistic and not satisfied with what I have, but it’s in my genes I tell you. I come by it rightly – just ask anyone on my father’s side of the family. They’re almost all afflicted this way too.

Ah well. What’re you gonna do? Everyone knows you can change your jeans but you can’t change your genes.