There’s always one: one child who’s a particularly ongoing “challenge” for h/h parent.

Not having children, I don’t have this problem, although the animals certainly qualify in their own ways. Unlike with children, however I can yell and curse and call them nasty names and they still just rub up looking for affection, without any apparent psychological damage.

Anyway, my friends and I have come up with some charming names for their children over the years:  Spawn of Satan, Child of Satan, Devil Child, child of GOD (with the emPHAsis on the “god” part to imply frustration and that the child is anything BUT).

But I was just catching up on one of my favorite blogs and found that someone (in the comments) calls h/h child Tylenol. Isn’t that perfect? Until they reach a certain age you could even call them that to their faces, which is the real beauty of it.

You can’t really say my friends’ kids nicknames to their face, other than “child of GOD,” which I might add my mother called all of us at one time or another. But we knew it wasn’t meant as a blessing…

But Tylenol is brilliant! It gets the whole heaven/hell thing out of the way and reduces the child to its pure essence.

A side note: My friends with “challenging” children were all raised catholic (I wonder if there’s a connection?!). Omar, do you know about the commenter’s religious upbringing?

Here’s a link to the post and its comments. The Tylenol reference is the 2nd to last one:  click here