(and believe me when I say there are many things I could complain about right now) the thing that’s sticking in my craw (sp?) is that I can’t find my new bottle of Aveda Be Curly Curl Control.

hrIf you’ve seen my hair without any product on it you’d run out yourself and buy me a bottle immediately. This hair has a mind of its own and I’ve learned to surrender by just buying expensive products,,,supporting my local small business getting the damn stuff ’cause it works.

Under the best of circumstances I have to pry my wallet open for these products and under-employment not being the best of circumstances, I was really glad to get a gift card at Xmas so I didn’t have to spend ~$20 on it (even though it lasts a long time, and all that horsesh*t they tell you when you’re bi*ching about the price at the register).

But now it’s gone and I am pretty peeved. It’s been sitting in my bathroom closet, which really looks like this most of the time, except there’s usually more dirty laundry and  I’ve finally installed the 2 hooks on the door after having them for 1+ year.

click the photo to help me find it


<Side note: It’s amazing what the procrastination of one task – writing meaningful cover letter #4445 – can make you finally UN-procrastinate – here, putting the hooks on the door. I’ve also procrastinated by wisely used my under-employment time to paint a chest of drawers, scan a ton of paper and promptly shred it (instead of letting it pile up and have the dog unpile it while playing with her toy as per usual), stripped 2 windows and primed them, infilled old holes and primed them, cleaned basement.

And let’s not even talk about how many times a day I check for my new TV’s price to magically decrease, compare costs of getting rid of landline, to change ISPs, to change cell phone plan to compensate for no landline, etc. My ability to procrastinate is at an all-time high. end of long side note>

Anyway, back to the whining at hand: I cannot find that damn bottle to save my soul. It used to be on the shelf where the ??? in the photo are. After ripping apart the closet twice, the only thing I can think of is that it bounced into the trash can somehow.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Nope. It’s not impossible. Stuff on the wire racks bounces around all the time. Add the Q-Tips box as a launch pad, and you can see the physics of it. I’ve witnessed it myself so I know it can happen.

So I’ve apparently thrown it away. Only this time I didn’t see it happen. Why can’t the stupid $3 laundry cleaner stick have bounced in instead? God knows I’ve seen that happen enough before. “Enough” is apparently the operative word here.

It just frosts my a** no end to go get another bottle, which I’ll procrastinate until the last minute too, of course, hoping the original will magically jump out of the landfill.

Unless you see it in the photo…let me know if you do, okay? Thanks.

And thanks for “listening” while I vented about yet another comparatively – unimportant – event – that’s – risen – to – crisis – level – in – my – mind.