My dog jumped into the sewer the other day.



She was running through the snow at the park and stopped to sniff intently at the mouth of the sewer.

She’s gotten close to the edge of it innumerable times but never in it for godsake. This time she was really close to the edge. Again. All my threatening, menacing “Don’t you dare”s went on (literally) deaf ears.

Then somehow – before I knew what was happening – she was in it.

I actually laughed for a moment because it was – well – funny. And then I wished I had my camera.

She landed just a foot or 2 down on a bunch of leaves, and was sufficiently unconcerned enough to keep sniffing for what she wanted (thus my conclusion that she jumped and didn’t fall).

At first I was willing to wait her out. I thought “You got yourself in. Now you get yourself out.”  I’ve waited her out before.

The problem was that I didn’t know how deep the leaves were, if they could give way under her weight or what. Plus, what dog has ever responded to “You got yourself in. Now you get yourself out”???

Really, I wouldn’t have cared if I knew the status of the leaves. In the summer you can see a lot further down into the tunnel, so it would’ve been bad if it were summer, but what about now?

Was it just this layer of leaves on top of water? Was it just a big pile of leaves all the way to the bottom?  If she started dropping just how far down was that vertical tunnel?

I envisioned having to call the sewer company to get her out, much as I had envisioned calling the fire department a few years ago when she got her head stuck between two bars of an iron fence. (Hence the “You got yourself in…” philosophy.)


But after wondering about the whole leaves vs. water thing I kind of panicked and wondered how the hell to get her out of there.

Not surprisingly, a few people were looking at me leaning into the sewer so I waved, and soon there were 4 sets of hands and another set of paws over to reach in and grab her by her collar, so her neck hurt later, but guess it’s better than falling all the way to the middle earth.

What a DORK of a dog.

As a follow up, she showed absolutely no interest in the sewer today.