This has got to be one of the best gifts ever. I got it from 2 of my sisters, who made them.


As my sister told me before I opened it, “cash is king right now” so they gave me 23 boxes made with a dollar bill top and a dollar bill bottom (23 x 2 = 46 = my age).

Then each of the boxes had 2 pennies in it (again 23 x 2=46 = my age).

Anyhoo, not only is it the coolest, most creative idea, but the execution is fabulous! Did you see how the “ONE” is centered on each box? And the boxes actually open and close easily. Definitely zoom (click on) this photo because I couldn’t edit it due to operator error:


And oh my lord the effort it took.  Even though I’m the one who says she “puts the anal back into analyst” I wouldn’t have the patience to fold and piece those all together.

I’d start smoking again or just throw a rubber band around the bunch and say “Here. Deal. It’s the thought that counts.” So you will not likely receive a gift like this from me.

The best part of this gift is all of the effort and care that went into it, of course. I don’t want to take them apart!!


Side note: Sorry for the crappy-as@ out of focus photos. I used my cell phone camera.

Consumer tip: If you care about pix, either make sure your cell phone’s camera has auto-focus or kwitcherbellyakin’, don’t be so GD lazy and just get out your real camera…