Dear Diary,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written but have had much going on. Have started drafts on many things (all those drafts, so little time) but in a nutshell,

–new temp. gig (I guess technically they’re all temporary really); Today was my 5th day and I finally have almost all (software) tools and accesses to do my job (if I knew what that was). This will be a test of how quickly I can learn many new things all at once.

<side note: Historically, this has not been my modus operandi. I’m usually slow to learn.  Just when you wonder if I could possibly have any more questions, I amaze you with my brilliance.>

–Finally, after successfully avoiding it for 16+ years, I pulled the old caulk out of my tub. It was just as ugly a job as I thought it would be (no backer rods! 1st layer of caulk still present). But I was “saved” from actually doing the deed (re-caulking) because…

–Was on the losing end of a (literal) cat fight:  My days as a hand model are over. They don’t stitch animal wounds because of the infection risk.

Having had infections as results of the previous 2 times I tried saving Li’l Effer from the evil neighbor cat, you’d think I’d have learned by now, but $250 later, I can finally say I have learned. I had to leave the Bubster to fend for himself and run in to call for help. He’s an a-hole but he’s really a wimp at heart so I felt guilty (later actually, not at the time), but tough sh**.

He was traumatized but I was injured. The swelling is down, the wound is almost closed, and the scarring has begun. Couldn’t get my hand wet for many days but since I couldn’t really move it, it didn’t matter much.


No, my hands are not normally this fat…I couldn’t even wear my bling, so that should tell you something!


–Learning new electronics: This must be how a dieter feels when they go off their diet. So much for less consumption and all that crap. More to come but it is time-consuming to play with learn new stuff.

‘K diary, gotta go figure out my antenna so I can set the DVR.