She sometimes kept her nose down to the ground and didn’t look up to see that the rabbit she was looking for was right in front of her. Lesson: Don’t be so focused that you can’t see what’s right in front of you.


She also never gave up hoping things would change, recur or that she could get away with them for once. She never gave up…

  • trying to eat cat poop
  • thinking there must be more BBQ goodness under that pit despite having just licked every crevice for the last 20 minutes (see photo above for a post-bbq lickfest picture —- grease-a-rama!)
  • thinking she’d get another rabbit from under the same bush she found one 5 years ago
  • thinking I’d really give her <insert name of food here> off my plate
  • trying to fit under the couch.

Lesson: Do not see obstacles. Do not think of the past too much. Never give up hope. Ever.