Sometimes I just don’t know when to quit. I get wrapped up in something I’m curious about and I lose all sense of perspective, time, common sense – whether what I’m obsessing over doing could be done differently, better, faster, stronger, not done at all, or if the real answer is actually right in front of me <see this for a lesson I thought I’d learned already>.

I am like a dog with a bone and won’t, no I can’t give up on it.

Take last night: I spent 1/2 hour effing with my phone’s memory card because the adapter slot couldn’t read it. Duh – that’s what the data cable that came with the phone is for.

Then I downloaded the photos onto my lappy, and proactively (for a change) deleted them from my memory card.

I spent another <who knows how long because I was in the dog bone/geek zone> amount of time “organizing” my photos.

<And then I decided to clean out that sticky ctrl key, which resulted in a blog entry, Are You Retentive?>

All was well until I shut down for the night and realized “hey, I didn’t see my Chicago photos.” Reet reet reet!!! Boot up.

But no, turns out that when deleted some “excess photos” I – oops – deleted some real ones, ones I wouldn’t have a backup for, ones I’d wanted for months (photos of me with Bob in Chicago – entry coming soon, but I’ve had the “Me with Bob” photo idea on my “non-existent but would be great if I ever did it life list” for about a year).

My Bob photos captured a moment in time that I’d looked forward to and enjoyed. (Wait til you see the photos – talk about cheap thrills) But no, I’d deleted the effing images off my phone memory card without a backup. MAN I hate when that happens. It seldom happens that I don’t have a backup, but it does happen. Clearly.

Anyway, the point (if you haven’t gotten it yet) is: I had deleted photos of Bob and me.

So then I was just sad. I’d really cherished this interaction with Bob and was so excited to have photos from it. But I didn’t have ’em anymore.

I remembered I recovered some photos successfully a few years ago with Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery software. But it was really late so I just downloaded the most recent version and decided (finally!) to cut my losses.

Actually I was just worried I’d screw it up more if I kept messing with it, but I finally gave in and went to bed.

Good news though – I recovered 123 photos from my memory card and (most importantly) my BOB photos!!!