Once again proving that you’re never too old to be a sucker, I am a new mother at the ripe old age of 46.

Here’s my new-to-me baby, Fanny.

The photos aren’t that great, but regular readers will get sick of seeing her photos over the next X amount of time, anyway, so these will give you enough of an idea…



She’s one year old, chews on everything, has a tail that could be registered as a weapon in some states, and just discovered the scent of rabbit a couple days ago.

Despite being hissed at she continues to attempt befriending the cats, has found a potential escape hatch (in the yard) that Girl the beagle never found, and likes to dive bomb the bed and lick me to wake me up (which frankly, I don’t like, but it does makes me laugh and is hard to escape except by hiding under the pillow).

“Mother” and “daughter” are doing fine, except “mother” is exhausted from saying “leave it” all the time to “daughter,” who’s a little dense.

The new mother is registered at Petsmart and the St L Hills Vet. Clinic, which will undoubtedly receive lots of dogupuncture business as Fanny ages.

She’s pretty irresistible, albeit aggravating at times, but I guess that’s how we all survived, isn’t it? In some way, we were all just cute enough that our parents didn’t kill us.