Silly silly Fanny – she’s still trying to get Li’l Effer (more here) to play with her, even going into the “hey let’s play” position (aka ‘downward-facing dog’  pose) and play-barking at him.

To his credit (or is he just in shock?) he’s not running or hissing or swatting her, though. He’s just looking at her and staring.

If he had a brain he’d be thinking, “Are you nuts? Do you know who I am, what I represent? I have scared large dogs and children before you.”

But he’s just staring at her while she keeps trying. Me? I am just sitting here in disbelief that she still has energy after 3 walks, running and playing separately and together with the neighbor girl, me, at least 4 toys, and another dog in the back yard today.

I also can’t believe that after 10 days she’s still trying to get him or Allie to play with her. She just doesn’t get the whole hissing thing and that it means ‘No, I am menacing – go away.’

Poor naive little Fanny has so much to learn on the way to growing up.