DSCN3012-3<The flash reflected off her face strangely here and I’m a “picasa easy fixes only” kind of person, not a perfessional. Her face is really almost all caramel brown and doesn’t look like a mask, as it does here. See next photo or wait for the next blog entry with 4 dozen more.>

I’ve always wondered what Girl might have been like as a puppy, and with Fanny I thought I might find out. And I have.

Now if you have kids I’ve probably listened to you talk about everything from their poopy color and consistency to little Muffin being so advanced for his/her age, so please indulge me while I discuss what I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks.

  • Puppies have lots of energy. Tons of energy. So much energy I sometimes want to cry. Seriously considered another dog but am now sober resorting planning on seriously considering doggy day care 1 day/week. It costs more than a Pilates session (not that I do that, but now I for sure can’t). It’s still cheaper than another dog.
  • ‘Mature in body’ does not equal ‘maturity in mind.’ Please note that I knew this before I got Fanny. How many times did I wittily remark that “in some ways they are always puppies.” How little did I realize what I was saying. Love IS blind.
  • I have laughed more in the past 3 weeks than in the previous 3 months.
  • When she (maybe all dogs that dig?) digs holes she furiously digs, then stops and listens for (something) literally with ear to the ground in the hole, then keeps digging until either distracted or yelled at? Literally – ear to the ground.
  • Fanny saw a dog on tv. It ran off screen. Fanny ran around for the next couple of minutes trying to find the dog. She looked and barked at behind the tv, sniffed and barked at the front door, opened the shutters in the big front window and barked, went out to the back yard and barked. There was a lot of barking involved. Girl never barked except to yowl at a rabbit.
  • I’ve left the (so far) most humiliating for last: I’ve adopted a horndog. My neighbor was over the other night and just loved Fanny. Fanny loved her too. So much so that Fanny mounted her leg a few times. I just did not know what to do. Neighbor has raised several dogs so I let her decide. She sat there for a good 30 seconds, acting like Meg Ryan in the infamous “I’ll have what she’s having” diner scene in Sleepless in Seattle. She then asked Fanny if it was good for her.  I swear this is true.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a one-time deal and now my back and my leg have been her latest, uh, conquests. She is fixed so I really don’t have a clue what’s going on here. I swear I know more about raising children than I do this little puppy, and I confess I called her ‘Little Satan’ yesterday.

It’s quite vexing actually.