–>5/31 update: She crapped like an 80 lb. lab and she weighs 16 lbs.

As you know, it’s “all dog all the time” around here. And boy, are puppies stupid ignorant of so many things I take for granted.

Today’s oh – dear – god – not – another – dog – story is about what Fanny did not eat.  She did not eat any of the following:

1 mourning dove
1 used feminine hygiene product
1 small bar soap
1 backer rod (used behind caulking)
1/2 catalog
1 pen

No, she ate those yesterday

Today seemed better – than – average until my friend D left here and I was cleaning up. There was a (now-empty) bowl of (what was) soy nuts on the table (which I’d already caught Fanny on twice today).

Just for grins I called D, who had not eaten the rest of them. I knew that before I called of course, but I had to check.

Did you know that 1/4 cup soy nuts provides 25% of your nutritional fiber?

I wonder how that translates for a 16.5  lb. dog? 400%? 500%? Do you think the house could blow up?

I’m leaving some windows open tonight so flammable gasses and noxious fumes don’t build up.