Have lived without my laptop 3 weeks now and am missing it more as time passes…I am at the libarry now, using the public machines, which is cool, but it’s not the same as having it at home…

Here’s what I miss:

  • gizmodo.com
  • lifehacker.com
  • consumerist.com
  • tmz.com (I’m ashamed. Shallow, but ashamed)
  • unclutterer.com
  • netvibes.com

What I knew I’d miss and now I really miss:

  • tvguide (What am I missing on my local PBS digital stations? What will I miss because I don’t know about it? Is The Office on next week or another stupid “reality” show?)
  • podcasts: (I am so far behind in downloading audio I wouldn’t get to for another year anyway but now I won’t even know what I’ve missed ’cause it’ll drop off the list and I’m too lazy to go to the websites and see what was on.)
  • Ability to download more podcasts to phone, cd, mp3 player
  • Same with music (am over Poco for a while)
  • Looking up stuff on the fly (Who was that author on the radio? Wonder what’s on sale at Target this week? What’s the difference between cayenne, red, chili peppers? When is my library book due?)
  • Online bill paying
  • Even my (offline) ‘Come to Hayzeus’ (talk it out) with my budget
  • Missed the last 2 episodes of Samantha Who and it’s bugging me.
  • Blogging: I’m actually not sure I miss it. While I always have something to say (no big surprise there, eh?) and moments of inspiration (no really!) and the desire to let it out on “paper,”  work is sucking the life out of me and what’s left is taken by the Fanster. Not to mention it’s summer and I like reading on the back porch and/or going to the pool…