–geek alert–

I podcast several broadcasts from NPR and PRI (and I’m a member of my local station and give to the “digitize Terry Gross Fresh Air” fund every year (whyy.org) and “pay” with donations for what I podcast).

So in other words I actually paid for this information: I learned today, via one of the Fresh Air podcasts I burned to cd (cdcast?), that they make toupees (wigs??) for the crotch area. Did you know this?

They’re called merkins, and the dude she was interviewing got one because he had cancer. I did a quick search of the web and found an entry for it on Wikipedia too. They’re apparently also used in movies.

I love to learn…

That reminds me of something my sister also heard on NPR: if you eat asparagus and your urine smells afterwards it’s because you have a certain gene. Not everyone’s smells after they eat it.

Who knew? I was 45 before I found that out.

Of course, I guess if your urine doesn’t stink after you eat asparagus then you might not realize that it could even smell, not to mention that there’s a gene that could cause this.

Well, there is.  If you are special.