(The 2nd line, assuming you could read the 1st, says “I see nothing”)

One cool thing about getting your walls painted is that you can write on them before they get repainted (or if what you write will be hidden for 20 years, as described here).

I’m getting my bedroom ceiling drywalled and the whole room painted soon, so I’ve been getting stuff out of the room, off the walls, etc.

I also left a note to the drywall guy by writing it on the wall. I forgot how FUN it is to do that!!

It feels so “bad,” like  you ‘shouldn’t do it except you CAN, ’cause it’s YOUR house, YOUR wall and (most important) it will be repainted soon!

I also left notes for the painter about what nail holes to keep/cover, notes to the ceiling dude about patching something else, can you also attach my headboard to my bed, etc. All on the wall!

It felt so bad. It felt so good. Yet another of life’s contradictions, summed up in something I would’ve gotten in trouble for if I’d done it when I was a little kid.

I also had a flashback to trying to play with my dad’s carpenter’s pencils and not understanding what their point was. Well – duh – it was so you could write on walls!! (yeah, yeah, and all those carpenter-y things too — I know)

(says “time to paint” if you can see through the dirty lens and the dust)

I’m going to get some more painting done just so I can write notes on the walls.