~2 mos. of working too many hours

Went to Mexico for  a few days over T-giving

Came back to same chaos at work

Came back to beautiful new ceiling in BR (no more flaking plaster!) and long overdue new color there PLUS my long-awaited cove molding in LR & DR

Got really sick – like ‘before I quit smoking’ sick -bronchitis and all

Decided this work thing isn’t working for me

Laptop may have fallen off couch. In the shop. Another $200. Next breakage=new ‘puter. All this money for a POS Dell just ain’t right.

TG my data and files and bookmarks are all backed up so I can access them still.

Miss my podcast downloads — pretty much the same stuff as last time

Sold my soul to the devil (again) and signed up for Facebook. Privacy concerns but it suits my smart-ass quick comebacks nicely and I like throwing random thoughts out there to see what people say. I think “a friend” deleted my question “Are you thinking about killing your children?” when she was the one who put this quote out there: “Herod the king, in his raging, charged he hath this day, his men of might, in his own sight, all young children to slay.” Now seriously, what else would you think but homicide? And why would she delete my comment questioning the obvious?! So I posted another question asking if she deleted my comment. 🙂 She reminds me of another family member: “No I’m fine. Everything is fine.” “Mom, are you telling me it doesn’t hurt that a truck just ran over your leg?” “No really dear, I am fine.”

Going back to Mexico!! New place and with a friend. Can’t WAIT! Have already decided I’m NOT dropping pants for TSA so I may not actually end up in Ixtapa.

Might be adopting a dog that’s Fanny’s best friend at dog park. As much as I love this potentially-mine dog though, I’m hesitating, possibly because Fanny is pu-lenty active. Not sure what will end up happening…but they’re really cute when they play together. They totally ignore everything around them.

Survived (and I do mean ‘survived’) Xmas. Family dramas and traumas abounded but all is well for now.

Way past my bed time and tonight is a school night. If there’s anyone who still checks here, I’m sorry for being such a slacker but appreciate you checking!!